QuickPCOptimizer 3.2.0 Software

QuickPCOptimizer 3.2.0 Software

Free Download QuickPCOptimizer 3.2.0 Software : hay sahabat semua, senang sekali pada kali ini saya dapat kembali menghadirkan sebuah software terbaru untuk menganalisa registry maju dan optimizer, yang dapat meningkatkan kinerja komputer sobat dan meningkatkan kecepatan keseluruhan sistem anda. tanpa khawatir lemot ya... QuickPCOptimizer 3.2.0 Software juga menawarkan perlindungan yang sangat kuat dengan teknologi pemindaian yang stabil, dan lengkap terhadap kehilangan data selama proses optimasi. software ini juga memiliki mesin defragmentasi kuat, yang memungkinkan untuk meningkatkan akses ke sistem registry dengan mengoptimalkan akses disk untuk file yang membentuk registry Windows anda. sangat bermanfaat kan sobat. ayo langsung saja di download yah!!....

qPCo is at its core a Windows® registry scanner, analyzer and optimizer tool. Our scanning technology is second to none and as such, you're assured that each scan detects nothing but entries that truly slow down and deteriorate the performance of your PC.

Optimize with confidence. qPCo offers complete protection against data loss during the optimization process. Before every fix is made, a complete backup of your registry is automatically created and saved.

You don't need to be a PC Technician to use qPCo. We have designed our software to be as easy to use not just by the "average PC user"... but by the average grandma and grandpa as well.

qPCo offers plenty of built-in performance tools that other applications imply do not have. Take a look at all these extra benefits for you.
Speed up Windows® using the qPCo feature that tweaks your system for maximum performance; simply select your computer's profile (i.e., computer used at home, computer used at the office, laptop used only for travel, etc.) and you’ll be presented with a window that shows a list of which features you want enabled and disabled for maximum PC performance.
Defragment your registry and make sure it functions at its most efficient.
Enhance PC memory and enable individual programs to run faster.
Clean personal history and protect yourself from identity and data theft.
Uninstall unwanted programs and free up valuable disk space.
Securely shred unwanted files and protect recovery of personal documents by others.
Manage IE plugins and control which programs launch when IE starts; this helps save on PC memory and prevents 3rd party software from potentially spying on you.
Manage StartUp programs and control which programs start when you boot up Windows® this drastically speeds up the time Windows® takes to start up.
Auto-optimize your PC with the built-in and customizable scheduler. Set qPCo to automatically launch and work for you whenever you want it to.

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Demikian software terbaru dari saya tentang QuickPCOptimizer 3.2.0 Software, semoga dapat bermanfaat ya sobat.

QuickPCOptimizer 3.2.0 Software

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