Serif CraftArtist 2 Professional Software

Serif CraftArtist 2 Professional Software

Free Download Serif CraftArtist 2 Professional Software : ini merupakan perangkat lunak terbaru yang dapat anda gunakan sebagai kerajianan terbaru pada PC anda. software terbaru ini Serif CraftArtist 2 Professional merupakan sebuah fitur baru yang menakjubkan bagi anda untuk membuat kerajinan kartu, scrapbook, undangan, photobook, kerajinan lainnya dalam PC anda. bagi anda para pemula, software ini juga bisa anda kuasai, karena software ini birisi pilihan template yang dapat disesuaikan langsung dalam memilih desain, drag dan drop foto anda ke halaman, bahkan menambahkan teks anda sendiri untuk lebih memperindah lagi tampilan kerajinan anda.

Untuk menambah konsep pada software Serif CraftArtist 2 Professional anda dapat menggunakan Decoupage Alat 3D untuk langsung mengkonversi grafis menjadi gambar ditumpuk indah. Cukup pilih item anda, dan dengan satu kali klik, secara otomatis anda dapat membuat decoupage 3D anda sendiri. selamat berkreatifitas.

Create any type of craft project
With CraftArtist 2 Professional, crafting on your computer is easy. There are over 100 blank templates to choose from, including ones for cards, photobooks, scrapbooks and all types of party crafts. The software could not be simpler to use just drag and drop items onto the page and use the on-screen pointers for guidance.

We have included the Daydream digikit for free with the software, so you can get crafting straightaway. The kit even contains a selection of customisable templates that are ready to personalise! Just choose a design, drag and drop your photos onto the page, add your own text, and share! Its could not be easier!

The Digital Crafting Toolkit
The Digital Crafting Toolkit makes crafting on your computer fun and easy! We know how much you love the fantastic Scissor Tool, Stencils, Edges and Brush Tool from CraftArtist 1, so we have added another three tools for you to play with in this brand new version

Use the 3D Decoupage Tool to instantly convert graphics into a beautiful stacked image. Just select your item, and with one click, you can create your own 3D decoupage!

The brand new Punches tab is packed full of hundreds of readymade punches. Drag one onto your page, and click Punch. You can also create your own just drag an item into the tab!

The third new tool is the fabulous new Stamp Mode. Select any object and create a stamp from it with one click! Especially effective when you resize, recolour and rotate the stamp while using it.

Built-in Photo Editor
There no need to buy a separate photo editing package CraftArtist 2 Professional contains all the photo editing power you need. Quickly and easily remove red eye, erase blemishes and correct brightness. We have even included a wide selection of one-click filter effects, so you can have fun with your photos! Why not try adding a comic book effect or making your photo look like a watercolour painting?

Plus, use the fabulous built-in Cutout Studio to remove an object from its background. Simply paint away the area of your photo you would like to remove and CraftArtist 2 Professional will seamlessly extract the object from it. Great for scanning in items from home and cutting them out to use on your craft project.

Create your own digikits
With CraftArtist 2 Professional, you can use the Digikit Creator to import graphics you have made or downloaded and save them in your own CraftArtist kit. You can even create and save your own stencils, punches, brush strokes and graphic styles as part of your kit.

With this new version of the software, we have added a few extra tools to help you save your kits quicker. You can now cut, copy and paste tags from item to item as you save. Plus, as an extra helping hand, CraftArtist will now delete duplicate tags.

Incredible import and export options
Creating and sharing your designs is now better than ever with CraftArtist 2 Professional. We have added the ability to import PDF files into the software ready for editing, so if you have PDF files full of graphics, you can easily save them in a CraftArtist kit. We have also added loads of professional export options when creating a PDF file.

If you would like to use your cutting machine with CraftArtist, you will be pleased to know that it now supports SVG file import and export. Plus, when saving your design as a picture, you now have more file types for saving them, including as a Bitmap.

New Features in version 2.0:

New: 3D Decoupage Tool
Use the 3D Decoupage tool to instantly convert embellishments, photos and more into a beautiful stacked image. You can even edit the style of your decoupage to give it a different shape or central point.

New: Punches Tab
The brand new Punches tab is packed full of every type of punch you could want! You'll find shapes, flowers, Steampunk designs, birds, frames and more! Simply drag a punch onto your object or material and click Punch.

New: Generate palette from image
A fantastic new feature - pick a favourite photograph and CraftArtist will create a colour palette to match it! Allows you to coordinate your design with your photo for fantastic results!

New: Stamp Mode
The fabulous new Stamp Mode makes crafting on your computer easy. Select any object and with one click, you can create a stamp from it! Especially effective when you resize, recolour and rotate the stamp while using it.

New: Graphic Styles
The filter effects you might know from CraftArtist 1 have had a makeover! There are now over 450 graphic styles, and each one can be applied to embellishments, images and other graphics with one click.

Improved: Colour Picker
The Colour Picker in CraftArtist has always been a handy tool, but now, its incredible! Not only can you pick any colour from your design, you can now choose from four different picking modes.

New: Multi-level Solo Mode
Fans of Solo Mode for working on intricate designs will love this new tool. Not only can you isolate a part of your design to work on, you can now isolate further within that area of your design!

New: 64-Bit Version
Utilise the full power of your computer with the 64-Bit version of CraftArtist 2 Professional. For those with a 64-Bit Operating System, this will allow your computer to use all of its available memory.

Improved: Print Preview
We have completely redesigned the Print Preview so it now gives you an accurate picture of what will come out of your printer. Great for when you're printing double-page documents.

Minimum System Requirements:
- Windows-based PC with DVD drive and mouse (main processor must support SSE2 instructions)
- Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista, or XP (32-bit) operating system
- 512MB RAM (1GB RAM for 64-bit operation)
- 1.1GB (recommended full install) free hard disk space (program only)
- 1024 x 768 monitor resolution

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Demikian software terbaru dari saya Serif CraftArtist 2 Professional Software, semoga dapat bermanfaat ya sobat.

Serif CraftArtist 2 Professional Software

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