Process Hacker 2.38.343 + Portable Software

Process Hacker 2.38.343 + Portable Software

Free Download Process Hacker 2.38.343 + Portable Software : ini merupakan software sebuah alat fitur untuk memanipulasi proses dan layanan pada komputer anda. Process Hacker 2.38.343 + Portable Software merupakan sebuah aplikasi yang membantu pengguna untuk melihat dan mengelola proses dan benang mereka, modul dan memori dari komputer mereka. dalam aplikasi ini terdapat Its driver kernel-mode memiliki kemampuan yang unik yang memungkinkan untuk mengakhiri, menunda dan melanjutkan semua proses dan benang, termasuk perangkat lunak seperti IceSword, avast! anti-virus, AVG Antivirus, COMODO Internet Security dan lain sebagainya.

Key features:
· A simple, customizable tree view with highlighting showing you the processes running on your computer.
· Detailed performance graphs.
· A complete list of services and full control over them (start, stop, pause, resume and delete).
· A list of network connections.
· Comprehensive information for all processes: full process performance history, thread listing and stacks with dbghelp symbols, token information, module and mapped file information, virtual memory map, environment variables, handles, ...
· Full control over all processes1, even processes protected by rootkits or security software. Its kernel-mode driver has unique abilities which allows it to terminate, suspend and resume all processes and threads, including software like IceSword, avast! anti-virus, AVG Antivirus, COMODO Internet Security, etc. (just to name a few).
· Find hidden processes and terminate them. Process Hacker detects processes hidden by simple rootkits such as Hacker Defender and FU.
· Easy DLL injection and unloading2 - simply right-click a process and select "Inject DLL" to inject and right-click a module and select "Unload" to unload!

Whats New :

* Added labels to indicate the maximum data point in each I/O graph
* Graph grids now scale correctly when resized
* Improved high DPI scaling
* Added exploit mitigation policy information to process properties (Windows 8 and above)
* Added File modified time and File size columns for processes and modules
* Added Key modified time column for services
* Clicking a tray icon now shows the pop-up UI (useful for touch-enabled devices)
* The NetAdapters plugin has been renamed to HardwareDevices
* This plugin shows network adapter and disk drive graphs
* If you are manually upgrading, please delete NetAdapters.dll from the plugins folder
* Updated UserNotes plugin:
* Added "Collapse by default" option for processes
* Added "Start when I log on" option
* Added "Not responding" text to tray icon rich pop-up for programs that are hung
* Added right-click menu and double-click action for environment variables
* Added dialog box to show long command line strings
* Added Time stamp column for processes
* Added -sysinfo command line parameter for opening System Information at startup
* Added 32x32 icons for high DPI displays
* Digital signature verification is now performed with very low I/O priority
* Improved performance when handling a large number of threads, modules or handles
* The pop-up UI no longer displays when double-clicking the tray icon
* Fixed ASLR state being shown as N/A in process properties
* Fixed multi monitor window placement bug
* Fixed handle enumeration bug affecting processes with PID >= 65536
* Fixed Interrupts being missing from the max CPU usage history
* Updated ToolStatus plugin:
* Added 32x32 icons for high DPI displays
* Fixed status bar crash
* This release has significant internal code changes. Please make sure all plugins are up-to-date.

Link Download :

Demikian software terbaru dari saya Process Hacker 2.38.343 + Portable Software, semoga dapat bermanfaat ya sobat.

Penting..!!! Sebelum Melakukan Proses Download, Sebaiknya Anti Virus apapun di Komputer sobat harap di nonaktifkan Terlebih dahulu ya. Agar Patch Full Versionnya Dapat di Unduh juga. Makasih ^_^

Process Hacker 2.38.343 + Portable Software

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