Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom MOD APK 1.3.3 Game Android

Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom MOD APK 1.3.3 Game Android

Free Download  Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom MOD APK 1.3.3 Game Android : game kali ini merupakan game running dari  Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom yang akan membawa anda melalui tutorial hal-hal pelari tak berujung geser ke kiri menggesek gesek turun tapi kami mendapat sejumlah hal yang lebih membawa anda pada permainan yang sebenarnya. salah satunya dengan kekuatan up utama sebagai dasbor sonic yang digunakan dengan mengumpulkan jeruk seluruh tingkat untuk mengisi meteran anda dan mendapatkan kekuatan di sini juga membawa anda ke awan untuk cincin mengagumkan mengumpulkan inorg mengumpulkan menyenangkan dari awan yang mengharuskan anda untuk bermain dengan masing-masing karakter.

Sonic Dash, this is pretty much like Sonic dash except enhanced on every level with different characters and different power-ups and a whole bunch more fun stuff now this little beginning part of going to take you through the tutorial but it’s the basic endless runner stuff swipe left swipe swipe down but we got a whole bunch more stuff too so you want to get into that actual game one of the ultimate power ups as the sonic dash which is used by collecting orange throughout the level to fill up your meter you get this power of here and take you up into the clouds for awesome ring collecting inorg collecting fun part of the clouds requires you to tilt your device left to right to move of course I’m alone the rest of the gang is all unlockable and ready to run each character beaches their own special building the first time we play them. 

Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom MOD APK 1.3.3 with unlimited money. since i have played first part and now its a 2nd part i kinda see so many fixes and improvements in this latest sonic runner installment. enemies were just coming out of nowhere are obstacles were just impossible and t makes it much more enjoyable play because that first game was really hard sure to back them but this is a much more enjoyable experience you’ll also be able to run off the tracking go to different areas here you’ll be able to swap out any of your characters and keep on running gonna make sure you click the lot of eggs and a lot of rings as many as possible because if you hit an obstacle you lose mostly ring and if you don’t have rings you pretty much dead running your come across the item’s declared you definitely want to grab like magnets and shield all that good stuff character sprites which travel with you and bring you right back to life when you die or be careful you could only use them ones the game really great graphics and of course all these weird quirky characters in the sauna World sonic dash to sonic boom in the lot more fun than the first one high-flying portions of the levels are really fun. Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom MOD APK 1.3.3

What’s In The MOD:
Unlimited Money

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up

Version: 1.3.3


Link Download : 

Demikian game saya tentang  Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom MOD APK 1.3.3 Game Android, semoga dapat menghibur dan juga bermanfaat untuk menemani waktu liburan sobat.

Penting..!!! Sebelum Melakukan Proses Download, Sebaiknya Anti Virus apapun di Komputer sobat harap di nonaktifkan Terlebih dahulu ya. Agar Patch Full Versionnya Dapat di Unduh juga. Makasih ^_^

Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom MOD APK 1.3.3 Game Android

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