Brave Frontier RPG EU MOD APK 1.3.60 Game Android

Brave Frontier RPG EU MOD APK 1.3.60 Game Android

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Free Download  Brave Frontier RPG EU MOD APK 1.3.60 Game Android : saya kembali lagi hadir dengan game terbaru untuk sobat di rumah, ini merupakan game RPG adiktif yang mengingatkan pada game lama fantasi akhir sebelumnya, dengan menggabungkan game RPG ke ponsel sederhana anda. dapat memungkinkan sobat akan bermain dengan tangguh juga berkembang denan karakter yang meningkat.

Tidak hanya itu, game  Brave Frontier RPG EU MOD APK 1.3.60 Game Android memberikan kepada para sobat untuk bertempur dengan permainan tunggal yang memiliki perpaduan anime bagus dalam permainan, juga mampu untuk menantang pemain manusia nyata (PVP) melalui arena untuk melihat apakah skuad anda sampai dengan standar atau tidak. beranikah anda sobat??...

Brave Frontier is an addictive monster RPG game that reminds me of the old final fantasy game combine with simple mobile RPG games that allow you to evolve & fuse characters to level your characters up.
You form your elite squad to battle single player quest that have a nice Anime guide to the game and also able to challenge real human players (PVP) via Arena to see if your squad are up to standard or not. Brave Frontier EU MOD APK 1.3.60

The game started off pretty easy but eventually you will be seeking for more Unit Capacity or forced to sell off units to make space for more Evolve materials or Units to fuse.
However, with proper management of your units you can make due but just a little hard to control the urge to buy gems to expand the unit capacity 😀
The game however is free to play with in-app purchase of gems for summoning rare characters but it’s randomly selected so there will be times that you will get the same rare units if you are unlucky.
You can earn gems by completing quests and levelling up and get rare characters by participating in Vortex events which happens regularly.

Overall, the game is well design with engaging gameplay that keep urging me on to complete the next quest & upgrading the next hero of my squad.
What’s New: v 1.3.60
Get ready for new exciting challenges!
• Continue your journey: 2 new Quest maps (1 is Exclusive to Europe!), with over 50 story-driven missions.
• Fight in epic battles: 1 new Grand Gaia Chronicles in the Vortex in 4 Volumes.
• Defeat new Bosses: 1 high-level Trial challenge.
• 11 Legacy Evolutions to 7-Star, including Shera, Michele and Altri!
• New improvements to the Rare Summon Portal, the Shop, and more!
Thanks for playing!

What’s In The MOD:
1. 65k Zel Reward.
2. 65k Karma Reward.
3. Infinite Material Space.
4. Instant Brave Burst.
5. Massive Attack. – 2.1 billion not 65k
6. God Mode. – 16.7 million not 65k
7. Infinite Defense.
8. Mob 1 attack.
9. Mob 1 HP.
10. Mob 1 Defense.
11. Can always do battles regardless of team cost being greater than maximum. [ If your cost is 99/40, you can still go ahead and do missions ]

Requires Android: 2.3 and Up

Version: 1.3.60


Install APK and play.
It’s an EU Server and not the global version.

Link Download : 

Demikian game saya tentang  Brave Frontier RPG EU MOD APK 1.3.60 Game Android, semoga dapat menghibur dan juga bermanfaat untuk menemani waktu bersantai sobat.

Brave Frontier RPG EU MOD APK 1.3.60 Game Android

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