WarBirds Dogfights 2016 Games

WarBirds Dogfights 2016 Games

Free Download WarBirds Dogfights 2016  Games : pada kali ini saya akan mebahas sebuah games WarBirds Dogfights 2016, dimana game ini bermain dalam pertempuran udara besar-besaran dengan puluhan pesawat, pertempuran udara skala besar yang berbeda diatur dalam daerah pertempuran bersejarah di seluruh dunia. Setiap pertempuran ini memiliki sistem generasi prosedural terpisah.
 Tali ke kursi pilot dan melawan dalam pertempuran udara besar Perang Dunia II. Tetapi Anda tidak sendirian. Anda akan memiliki wingman, atau mungkin seluruh skuadron sekitar Anda, menarik kelompok-kelompok kecil atau besar musuh seluruh Eropa, Afrika Utara, dan Pasifik. Warbirds dogfights adalah versi diperpanjang dari Warbirds dengan bermain lebih offline.
LEBIH 60 BIDANG OFFLINE: Belajarlah untuk terbang dan melawan lebih dari 60 pesawat Perang Dunia II yang berbeda dari Amerika, Inggris, Jerman, Jepang dan Rusia. Semua pesawat memiliki model penerbangan yang unik, realistis dan menantang,Ukuran bervariasi dari pertempuran 1v1 duel ke beberapa gelombang serangan besar-besaran.


- OVER 60 PLANES OFFLINE: Learn to fly and fight over 60 different WWII airplanes of America, Britain, Germany, Japan and Russia. All aircraft have unique, realistic and challenging flight models.

- MASSIVE AIR BATTLES WITH AI: Play in massive air battles with dozens of planes, all flown by AI except your plane. No waiting for online opponents!

- ALL ACTION: Missions are all action. No takeoffs, landings, or boring flights. You start when the enemy is sighted. When mission succeeds (or fails) you can end the action or continue flying as long as you want.

- OVER 20 AIR COMBAT BATTLE SPACES: Participate in over 20 different large scale air battles set in historic battle areas around the world. Each of these battles has separate procedural generation systems:
– North Africa (Tobruk and Tunisia)
– Europe (from Battle of Britain to Battle over Germany)
– The Pacific (Midway, South Pacific atolls, Philippines)
– Western Russia
Battle sizes vary from 1v1 duels to multiple waves of massive attacks.

- RANDOM GENERATION FOR EACH BATTLE: Each battle space uses procedural generation to vary starting positions, aircraft types and numbers, pilot quality, flight plans, objectives, and more. You can play the in the same battlespace, with the same plane, hundreds of times and never see the same situation!

- FULL TRAINING: The game includes a full training section with over 15 maneuvers to practice and train on!

- UNIQUE EXPERIENCES: Unique bonus missions, including handling a 40mm anti-aircraft gun defending Tobruk, or flying the German Me-163 rocket fighter to intercept allied bombers.

- ADVANCEMENT TRACKING: Advance from novice to world’s greatest fighter pilot through a series of promotions.

- MMO ONLINE PLAY: Steam purchasers get a free 30-day trial in the WarBirds Online massively multiplayer online game. Battle against a community other air combat enthusiasts in the plane (or planes) of your choice. WarBirds has live, human online trainers available starting 2100 Eastern Time every Tuesday and Thursday.

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Sekian sebuah Games WarBirds Dogfights 2016 kali ini, semoga Game ini bisa membuat hati anda plong dan pikiran anda nyaman

WarBirds Dogfights 2016 Games

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