Tales of the Shyre v1.0-TE Games

Tales of the Shyre v1.0-TE Games

Free Download Tales of the Shyre v1.0-TE Games : ini merupakan sebuah game ringan, namun game ini sangat menghibur dan menyenangkan. kali ini anda diajak untuk membuka sebuah restaurant, dimana sobat harus melayani para pelanggan dengan cepat dan benar. nah sangat seru kan game cewek yang saya sajikan kali ini. karena sobat dapat melatih kemampuan sobat untuk lebih tangkas lagi mengelola daya ingat. ayo kumpulkan semua poinnya di game Tales of the Shyre v1.0-TE sekarang juga.


Daisy and Danny are twins. One day they found a lost diary. It said that far, far away, there was a beautiful land, The Shyre. And that a rainbow water fountain was the life source of this land. There were 4 magical statues & crystal balls guarding this sacred fountain. A dark evil force came, it destroyed the fountain and scattered its pieces throughout the land. The only way to restore their life force is completing many different challenges through the Sushi Restaurant, Bubble Garden & Big Tree Juice Store to collect missing fountain pieces.

3 independent games, plus minigames.90 story challenges & Freeplay mode for unlimited fun.Easy to grasp, but challenging to master, Time Management gameplay.Special feature... sushi customers change between tables.Unique bubble shooting gameplay.


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Tales of the Shyre v1.0-TE Games

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