Street Legal Racing: Redline [Repack] [ENG] (2015) PC Game

Street Legal Racing: Redline [Repack] [ENG] (2015) PC Game

Free Download Street Legal Racing: Redline [Repack] [ENG] (2015) PC Game : kali ini saya akan menghadirkan sebuah game racing terbaru yang tentunya sangat menarik, karena di dalam game ini kita dapat dengan leluasa memilih jenis mobil dengan versi apapun, serta perlengkapan balap lainnya yang akan dapat menambah kemampuan disaat kita memainkan mobil balap kita pada area nyata pada sirkuit yang bebas. selain itu game ini juga mempunyai arena balap malam dengan pembalap jalanan, kita juga diajak berpartisipasi dalam balapan saingan baru di arena derby. sangat seru kan sobat, makanya capcus langsung saja di download.

The first tests have been more or less successful, so it's time to get the new version and rutrekere. This is a beta version, so there may not be just what you were waiting for, but even in this state, the game has become much better, mainly affected the fleet, but it is a temporary problem and is easily solved. Historically all my assembly emphasize the passing game, and not stamping glamorous screenshots, V3 is no exception. Here there is no mad dump all the mods from the internet. There is only what you need for the game, although the user can always add myself for what he lacks. This version of your car waiting for a new trial, in addition to the classic night races with street racers, you will participate in races with new rivals on derby arena. Just change the venue of the race of champions. This game suffered so many changes that now it is difficult to classify into one of the baselines, since the code uses elements from all versions and as well as unique elements. But despite this game as much as possible compatible with mods that were created before and after the release.

List of major changes in the assembly : - All items removed from the game - Removed annoying video - New interface - New texture - New palette (700 colors) - New user-friendly directory - New items - New modified scripts that improve the function of the game - New cheats - New tracks, with the ability to compete with rivals - Optimized machine running with the game (22) - The game replaced the standard music - Added ENBSeries by Doter99 (In a folder Bonus (to turn it on, press shift + insert)) - Fixed a ton of bugs

WARNING! Read before you start the game! ! !
- If an error occurs when you run the hw 3d device FAILED to delete file "options" in the folder \ save \ game. - If the game immediately after the start and lost when you restart writes Error: Already running it means that it is running but curled, it happens if you play on the new windows in fullskrin mode, which used to run the game again, you need to run windows task manager (Ctrl + Alt + Delet) and in the process to complete the process of the game. - If you are driving in the city game slows expose the range of drawing in the region of 200 meters, this enough to drive, and the game will work better. - In the game folder is Fail MWM_Resolution_Changer with it, you can choose any extension of the screen is not in game. - It is also not bad to turn off anti-virus, it can greatly affect the performance. - If the game does not run on Windos 8 even after you have tried all the compatibility you need to check the path to the exe of the game, it should not contain spaces and Russian text (only English letters and numbers), for example C: \ 1 \ slrr.exe - If the download on your Valocity Feels like it takes too long, the process can be accelerated by reducing or completely turning off the traffic in the game settings.

Recommended system requirements for assembly:
- Processor: Dual Core CPU - Memory: 2048 Mb - Video: 512 Mb Video - Hard disk space: 10 Gb - OC: Windows 98-7 (not guaranteed to work for 8 and 64bit)

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Street Legal Racing: Redline [Repack] [ENG] (2015) PC Game

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