Shadows Heretic Kingdoms (2015) (v1.0.0.7935) Repack RG Catalyst PC Game

Shadows Heretic Kingdoms (2015) (v1.0.0.7935) Repack RG Catalyst PC Game

Free Download Shadows Heretic Kingdoms (2015) (v1.0.0.7935) Repack RG Catalyst PC Game : kali ini kami hadir lagi membawakan game special untuk sobat semua. yakni game terbaru mengembara di dunia fana yang penuh dengan bayangan nyata. dan gunakanlah dunia bayangan ini untuk memecahkan teka-teki yang menantang, sekaligus melahap para musuh untuk dijadikan kekuatan anda. pada game ini juga disertai dengan pengembangan yang unik dan memberikan total kontrol, yang mana disinilah anda yang akan menjadi pahlawannya.

>Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms> - a new part of the saga of the Kingdom of heresy, which continues the chronicle of 20 years after the events <<Kult: Heretic Kingdoms>>. Immerse yourself in an exciting adventure with a furious fights, fascinating history and charming graphics. In this role-playing game with isometric graphics you will manage Eater: demon who absorbs the souls of the dead, and then sends them to the mortal world as their puppets. And only him to decide: to save the world from impending threats or permanently submerge it into chaos ...

Become more than just people. Wanderings between the mortal world and the world of shadows. Use the world of shadows to solve challenging puzzles. Improve the skills of your character. Explore a dark and inhospitable universe. Make decisions that will change the world around you. Collect and use items to help your character. Devour the soul enemies to gain strength. Perform multiple tasks.
15 characters in the body of the hero. Several different endings. More than 20 hours of play. Official additional materials after the game. Opportunity to repeat the journey, taking other decisions and relying on the help of other characters during the passage of the new. 6 dissimilar towns and villages in which the hero can get a job. More than 20 huge dungeons further elaborated in the world.
Memorable and original world of fantasy, not like the now-familiar fairy tales: World Eater gloomy and full of blood. Unique character development, giving the player total control over your hero. A new approach to the construction of the plot, which uses the internal conflict of the hero, to tell his story. Different endings which prompt a re-passing game.

Features of release
Unpacked game archives, removed all languages ??except English and Russian
Installation time ~ 5 minutes

Change english language if defauld language is not english for SteamRip:
After installed game:
1. Extract crack.rar
2. Copy all files in crack.rar to install directory
3. Open file ALI213.ini/3DM.ini/SKIDROW.ini with notepad
4. Find this line >Language = russian> edit it to >Language = english>
5. Save it and run game
6. Enjoy !!

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Processor: 2.5 GHz
Memory: 4GB
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260
Sound Card: Compatible with DirectX
Hard disk space: 3.8 GB

Link Download :

Sekian dulu game saya Shadows Heretic Kingdoms (2015) (v1.0.0.7935) Repack RG Catalyst PC Game , semoga dapat menghibur dan sekaligus bermanfaat untuk mengisi waktu bersantai anda.

Shadows Heretic Kingdoms (2015) (v1.0.0.7935) Repack RG Catalyst PC Game

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