Rack N Ruin (2015) PC Game

Rack N Ruin (2015) PC Game

Free Download Rack N Ruin (2015) PC Game : inilah game petualangan yang menyenangkan yakni aksi petualangan top-down dan juga dipadukan dengan penembak klasik yang berbeda dengan game lainnya. game Rack N Ruin mengajak sobat untuk memulai petualangan baru dari dunia sihir yang menakjubkan dan penuh dengan gemerlap mistis. namun berhati-hatilah dengan jebakan-jebakan dari dunia gelap anda. taklukkan para musuh dari Rack N Ruin.setiap bit dari permainan ini merupakan ulah tangan dalam definisi rinci yang tinggi.


Engage the legions of good in fast hectic combat that gives Rack N Ruin a special action oriented twist unique to the genre. Explore a vast open world filled with treachery and secrets at every turn. Then dive into delicately crafted dungeons, each with distinctive themes and foes to conquer. The entire world of Rack N Ruin is lovingly hand-crafted, and uniquely laid out. Every bit of the game is hand-painted in detailed high definition.


Sitting atop his throne, the dark lord Ruin rules over much of the known universe. His demon lords march outward into the cosmos subjugating planets for Ruin's ever growing demonic empire. One such creature is Rack, a small, sharp tongued, and diminutive demon lord. Rack's talent for destruction and conquest is unmatched amongst Ruin's legions. However, Rack has one issue that infuriates his dark master. He doesn't subjugate, or enslave any world he is sent to conquer. He just blows the planet up, and moves on. Planets turned into asteroid belts make poor slaves, so Ruin is giving Rack one last chance to conquer a world without jump starting the apocalypse, or be cast into the eternal abyss. Will Rack obey his master? Absolutely not!


* Burn through hordes of foes with 4 core elemental weapons.
* Unleash death with an array of 24 spells, items, and contraptions.
* Interactive items that allow the player to create unique item interactions and combos based on the elemental weapon type.
* Weave through complex bullet patterns while smiting titanic bosses and over 30 unique enemies.
* Explore an enchanted benevolent world, and then transform it into a nightmarish image of its former self.
* Ransack castles, pillage dungeons, escape prisons, navigate gloomy caves, and awaken ancient evils.
* Meet a charming cast of townsfolk, and collect their souls.
* Upgrade your weapons by selling the souls of innocents to an ancient wizard.
* Unravel devious puzzles, and scour the land for over 100 secrets.
* Play on Windows, Mac, and Linux completely DRM free like the Gods and Demons meant PC gaming to be.
* Customize your destruction with fully remappable controls for Keyboards, Mice, and Gamepads.
* And, of course, destroy the world.

Game Trailer: Click HERE for view Video

Minimum System Requirement
OS: Windows XP+
Processor: Pentium 4 or greater CPU with SSE2 instruction set support.
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DX9 Supported Video card.
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
Sound Card: DX Supported Sound card.

Password: giochi

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Rack N Ruin (2015) PC Game

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