Banzai Pecan-FASiSO Game

Banzai Pecan-FASiSO Game

Free Download Banzai Pecan-FASiSO Game : kali ini saya akan mengajak anda bermain-main dengan sebuah game menarik yang sulit, namun sangat menantang dan harus anda mainkan. karena game ini bisa di bilang game tarung gila-gilaan. yang mana para Banzai cewek-cwewk ini melawan musuh terkuat yang pernah ada. tentunya anda harus memusnahkan semua musuhnya dan menempati skor tertinggi dalam game Banzai Pecan-FASiSO , dan semoga sobat berhasil dalam permainannya!!!....

The expansion pack to the Pacific Fighters flight sim, Banzai takes you to the Pacific Rim with style. Fly famous aircrafts such as the A6M Zero and the Corsair as you engage the enemy over land and sea. You'll be charged with the tasks of taking out enemy ships, defending your fleet, and strafing land targets! You can fly for the United States, Australia, or Japan in over 320 hand-made missions! With over 100 multiplayer missions and a dedicated server from X1 Software, you'll never be lonely while flying high.

SpecsMinimum Requirements
Requires a copy of Pacific Fighters

When her boyfriend gets kidnapped by the queen of a succubus force known as the 'Sexilicious Seven', Pecan's adventure for love, justice and divine punishment begins!
She transforms into the Buxom and Brave Banzai Pecan, with the strength of ten-thousand men and the power of a Goddess hell-bent on Justice! Nothing will stand in her way, be it girls dressed in bunny-outfits or crazed-female demons; all shall be punished at the force of her fist! She will stop at nothing until she regains her love and justice!
As her insane adventure carries on, she will dive into madness that would put the average person on the brink of insanity. Does she have the will power to live up to her title of ?The Last Hope for the Young Century?, or will she end up losing all she?s fought for by a sliver?
The legend of a goddess for justice is born, and she's just crazy enough to go through hell and back to regain what?s her own!
In the not-too-distant future of 20XX A.D., a demonic revolution was beginning.

1. UnRAR
2. Burn/mount image with your favorite software
3. Install game

                           Banzai Pecan-FASiSO
                           Banzai Pecan-FASiSO

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Demikian game saya Banzai Pecan-FASiSO Game , semoga dapat menghibur waktu anda dan dapat bermanfaat.

Banzai Pecan-FASiSO Game

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