Ascendant v1.2 x86-OUTLAWS (PC/ENG/2015) PC Game

Ascendant v1.2 x86-OUTLAWS (PC/ENG/2015) PC Game

Free Download Ascendant v1.2 x86-OUTLAWS (PC/ENG/2015) PC Game : nah pada kali ini saya akan membagikan lagi game dengan genre fighting yang mana game terbaru ini akan menjadi tantangan terbaru dalam permainan dunia baru pada game ini. pada game kali ini anda adalah manusia setengah dewa yang menyerang pesawat yang dikendalikan oleh pesaing anda. Mereka tidak akan berhenti untuk menghilangkan anda. Hanya para prajurit paling mengesankan akan menang atas tentara mereka dari fanatik. maka bersiaplah untuk peperangan anda di Ascendant v1.2 x86-OUTLAWS.

Ascendant is the unforgiving beat 'em up that challenges you with a new world each time you play. It utilizes a number of modern roguelike elements such as permadeath and procedurally generated environments. You are a demigod who invades a plane controlled by your rivals. They will stop at nothing to eliminate you. Only the most impressive warriors will triumph over their armies of zealots and beasts.


A Brutal Struggle û Health recovery is rare and the armies of your rivals are ruthless. Dodge and strike when the time is right to seize victory
Loot the Treasures of the Gods û Determine your own fate by discovering weapons, spells, and Blessings granting you mighty powers Agile Beat 'em Up Combat û Launch divine onslaughts with ground and air combos or launch a barrage of spells.
Death is Final û When your enemies defeat you the game is over. No respawning or returning to the last save point. You will need all of your cunning and skill to win.
A New World Each Run û Each playthrough creates a new hazardous land for adventure. Expect hours of replayability and new challenges
...And More

Two is better than one. Conquer the world with another demigod using local co-op
Unlock new characters with distinct stats attuned for any playstyle
Enhance your weaponry to adapt and overcome the enemy swarm
Special events make each run fresh and memorable

1. Unzip
2. Unrar
C. Install
5. Play

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Ascendant v1.2 x86-OUTLAWS (PC/ENG/2015) PC Game

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