Epic Modded - Dragon Age Origins (Ultimate Edition) PC Game

Epic Modded - Dragon Age Origins (Ultimate Edition) PC Game

Free Download Epic Modded - Dragon Age Origins (Ultimate Edition) PC Game : pada kali ini saya memberikan sebuah game gratis pada kalian semua, pada game kali menceritakan pertarungan antara ksatria tangguh melawan Dragon Age disisi ini dengan mods yang membuat permainan besar bahkan jauh lebih baik lagi. inilah game yang cocok untuk anda upload untuk kesenangan anda, karena pada game Epic Modded - Dragon Age Origins (Ultimate Edition) mempunyai beberapa mods diperlukan beberapa tweaking untuk itu untuk bekerja bersama-sama. semoga anda berhasil memecahkan semua modsnnya.

Seeing as Inquisition just released, I decided to play part 1 & 2 first, before playing that one - so it will get me re-acquainted with the world. So thought it seemed fit to upload it for your pleasure too, since several mods needed quite some tweaking for it to work together.

Part 2 modded will be uploaded later too, after I finished Origins.

All mods work perfectly & I have put a list of the mods along with a short description, in the RAR itself, also Installation Instructions & Table of Content.

The installation itself is extremely easy, compared to my Skyrim release.

-If you like this Edition, let me know in the comment section, also for any questions you might have or eventual bugs - but they should be almost non-existent.

Much greetings & enjoy.

Complete Mod List:

00. SweetFX
01. A Good Nug Is A Quiet
02. A Little Leg Nug
03. AddItem Script
04. Adonnay's Weapon Replacer
05. Advanced Party
06. Alistair Morph
07. AMY Outfits
08. Auto Loot
09. Awakening Silverite Mines Bugfix
10. Better Sex Cutscenes (Zesty Variant)
11. Beyond Ferelden Base Chest
12. Blighted Darkspawn Textures
13. Boob Patches Be Gone
14. Bow Replacer
15. CC Extra Tints & Tones
16: Character Respecialization
17. Chasind Robes Re-Texture
18. Circles Be Gone
19. Clothed Prisoners
20. Dalls's Oghren
21. Dance Party
22. Detailed Tooltips
23. Dialogue Tweaks
24. Dragon Age Redesigned
25. Even More Advanced Tactics
26. Extended Dog Talents
27. Extra Dog Slot
28. Eyebrow Presets
29. Faster Weapons
30. Forced Deathblows
31. Free Items In Your Inventory By All Restrictions
32. FTG More Readable Fonts & UI
33. Gift Guide - Awakening
34. Grey Warden Runic Armor
35. HD Stubble
36. Healthier Loghain
37. Human Male Presets
38. Improved Atmosphere
39. JB3's Textures
40. Lady Of The Forest & Desire Demon Re-Texture
41. Last Night With Morrigan
42. Leliana CGI Re-Textures
43. Leliana's Sacred Ashes Armor
44. Lipstick, Moles & Freckle Textures
45. Lock Bash
46. LOTC Female Eyelashes
47. Mabari Re-Colour
48. Madd Gift Guide
49. Make Console Commands Visible
50. Map Textures
51. More Hairstyles
52. More Options At The Pearl
53. Morrigan CGI Re-Textures
54. Morrigan Restoration Patch Dialogue Fixpack
55. Morrigan Sacred Ashes Trailer Robe
56. Muscular Human Male Body
57. Natural Bodies All In One
58. No Decaying Corpses
59. No Helmet Hack
60. Of Noble Cast
61. Personal Annoyance Removes
62. Pineappletree's Vibrant Colors (Light)
63. Pretty Faces - Female Preset Heads
64. Shale Re-Textured HD
65. Skip The Fade
66. Sleeping Tent In Party Camp
67. Sten Re-Texture
68. Symmetrical Massive Armor
69. Tevinter Style Mage Robe With Chainmail
70. The Icons Project
71. Two Specializations Sten
72. Universal Voices
73. Weapons Trails Reducer Removes
74. Wynne Re-Texture
75. XT Slender Heavy & Light Armor Forms
76. Younger Teagan
77. ZDF Dialogue Fix

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Epic Modded - Dragon Age Origins (Ultimate Edition) PC Game

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