Gangstar Rio City of Saints v1.1.4 Android Game Android

Gangstar Rio City of Saints v1.1.4 Android Game Android

Free Download Gangstar Rio City of Saints v1.1.4 Android Game Android : Kini telah hadir game gratis terbaru dari kami Gangstar Rio City of Saints diman didalam game ini kita menjalankan misi yang berfariasi disitu kita harus menyelesaikanya misi ditambah puluhan peristiwa lainnya, dan game ini pertama kalinya dalam permainan sandbox, menjelajahi kota Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Temukan 5 lingkungan yang berbeda termasuk favelas, distrik bisnis, pantai dan hutan. untuk pertama kalinya dalam seri Gangstar, mengeksplorasi lingkungan dalam ruangan penuh diwujudkan dalam 3D. game ini udah dilengkapi bebagai ragam senjata dan Teman kecil yang bisa Mengakses berbagai senjata seperti pistol, senapan, bazooka dan granat ditambah khusus lokal baru: Football Explosive,Juga mendorong puluhan kendaraan termasuk pesawat, helikopter dan tank, dan tentu saja, Anda bisa mencuri, pembelian dan mengumpulkan puluhan mobil dan sepeda motor.

Over 60 varied missions to complete, plus dozens of random events to give you hours of fun.
Kill corrupt politicians, protect witnesses, deliver special packages, steal cars and find out who tried to kill you and leave you for dead.

Access a wide range of weapons like handguns, rifles, bazookas and grenades plus a new local specialty: the Explosive Football.
Also drive dozens of vehicles including planes, helicopters and a tank, and of course, you can steal, purchase and collect dozens of cars and motorbikes.

You can now customize your character. Unlock numerous shirts, pants, hats, glasses and more that you can collect and use to customize your character.

The realism has been pushed even further thanks to various radio stations broadcasting hip hop, electro and funk music with several licensed tracks:
World Town - M.I.A.
Office Boy - Bonde do Role
Lingua de Tamanduá - MV Bill

What's in this version: (Updated : Jan 17, 2015)
Rio de Janeiro just got a whole lot wilder thanks to this first major update to Gangstar Rio. Check out all the new features coming to the City of Saints!
Perform crazy stunts on the various new ramps added around the city.
Hop inside the awesome new Monster Truck and crush anything in your path!
Need more money for your gang? Take on new bank heist jobs as often as you like.
Try on new swag including the SWAT Team outfit, Armored Police gear and powerful golden weapons!

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Demikian game Gangstar Rio City of Saints Game Android dari kami semoga game ini membuat bahagia.

Gangstar Rio City of Saints v1.1.4 Android Game Android

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