Deus Ex The Fall (Multi5) Repack-SEYTER (PC-ENG-2015) PC Game

Deus Ex The Fall (Multi5) Repack-SEYTER (PC-ENG-2015) PC Game

Free Download Deus Ex The Fall (Multi5) Repack-SEYTER (PC-ENG-2015) PC Game : pada kali ini saya hadir membawa sebuah game yang sangat atraktif dengan kedua tokoh yang sangat keren dalam melakukan penembakan dan atraksi di dalam permainan ini. anda harus menyiapkan semua kemampuan anda untuk mempercepat gerak, memperkuat penglihatan dan kemampuan fisik. pada game Deus Ex The Fall (Multi5) Repack-SEYTER anda harus bertahan terhadap serangan musuh para tentara dari senjata dingin dan peledak dalam menyerang anda.

The Description is set in the late 2020s. The development of science and technology have led to significant cybernetization society. Almost everyone has had an opportunity many times to strengthen their abilities by implanting in his body implants.

But must pay for everything, and now humanity fell into total dependence on tranquilizers, which must be taken regularly, to avoid rejection of alien mechanisms. In-Game Deus Ex: The Fall You will assume the role of Ben Saxon, which falls on the shoulders of several problems. It is necessary to check the information, according to which all people with implants implanted in mortal danger. Also need to find the offenders, who in the days of the main character in the special services cruelly framed him, almost breaking his life. From the start, players will develop your character, strongly improving his body and abilities. Number abilities really big, you can become virtually invisible, accelerate motion, strengthen eyesight and physical abilities. Already because of them can deal with decent detachment of the enemy, and the presence of even small, cold and explosive weapons allow to withstand a whole army!

Operating System: Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Video Card: AMD Radeon 4800 series / Nvidia GTS 250
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Free space on hard disk: 3.5 GB

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Deus Ex The Fall (Multi5) Repack-SEYTER (PC-ENG-2015) PC Game

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