WIFI Signal Strength Premium v9.1.3 Final Software

WIFI Signal Strength Premium v9.1.3 Final Software

Free Download WIFI Signal Strength Premium v9.1.3 Final Software : ini dia software terbaru yang ditemukan.kini anda tidak perlu khawatir lagi dengan sinyal wifi yang sangat rendah.karena software ini akan membantu anda untuk mengoptimalkan sinyal wifi anda.sofware ini akan membantu anda menarik sinyal penuh wifi dengan kekuatan sinyal meter,widget layar home,dan gangguan jaringan yang terjadi karena kesalahan dari tetangga.perlu di ketahui bahwa WIFI Signal Strength Premium v9.1.3 Final Software ini kekuatanya dapat meningkat sebesar 60 dB dari kekuatan terendah.dengan di bantu oleh software ini.

This app will help you by providing:

A full screen WiFi Signal Strength Meter, Home screen widgets, Interference Monitor from Neighboring channels.

Did you know that the WiFi signal strength increases by a million times (60dB) from low strength to full strength ? The 4 bar default Android WiFi icon is just not good enough to capture this dynamic range.

Did you also know that there are very few WiFi channels (3 to 4) available and the likelihood of a neighboring WiFi router interfering with your connection is very high?

- Full screen graphical Signal Strength Meter
- Widgets
- WiFi Channel Neighborhood to check the interference in connection
- Detailed WiFi data

- Ad Free
- Color Schemes(>=Android 4.1)
- WiFi Meter and Channel Monitor Auto Update

1. The Minimal and Graphic widgets have been designed with latest design guidelines and better battery management. The widget updates on tapping or on network connectivity change. These widgets are only available on Android Jellybean 4.1 and higher.
2. If the widget is not available in the list of widgets on first install open the list of widgets and change the orientation of the device. This will refresh the widgets list. Also do not move app to Sdcard.
3. Permissions - The app requires internet permissions for showing the Google ads.
4.The Pro and Free apps(with INAPP unlock) are seperate apps and billed seperately by Google. The Pro App has been unpublished. More on this is in the FAQs on my website.

- 100% Transparency of Minimal and Graphic Widgets
- Graphic Widget size - now it should fit in a 2x2 size on most launchers
- Minor Mods on 1x1 Minimal Widget to fit more data
- New Graphic Widgets. Legacy widgets with notifications and auto update being battery inefficient removed.
- Increased number of free styles in Graphic and Minimal Schemes
- Meter animation performance and look

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Demikian software saya WIFI Signal Strength Premium v9.1.3 Final Software , semoga dapat bermanfaat dan dapat membantu koneksi pengoptimalan WiFi anda.

WIFI Signal Strength Premium v9.1.3 Final Software

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