Prevent Recovery 6.61 Multilingual Software

Prevent Recovery 6.61 Multilingual Software

Free Download Prevent Recovery 6.61 Multilingual Software : pada kali ini saya akan memberikan software terbaru yang sangat penting harus berada di PC anda,karena ini merupakan software yang menggunakan perangkat lunak pemulihan khusus untuk mengembalikan item yang dihapus.caranya hanya dengan mengosongkan Recycle Bin file dan folder tidak hilang selamanya.perlu di ketahui bahwa setiap file yang dihapus masih ada di hard disk sampai ditimpa dengan beberapa konten lain, misalnya dengan beberapa file lain.

Prevent Recovery 6.61 Multilingual Software dapat memulihkan file rahasia anda ketika anda pergi atau jika anda menjual PC anda,inilah alasan bahwa software ini sangatllah penting untuk melakukan pemulihan file.sekalipun file tersebut telah di hapus.

The main purpose of the Prevent Recovery program is to make deleted files and folders unrecoverable. The program made as Wizard program and will be friendly for any computer user, even newbie. Prevent Recovery will overwrite all free space on your hard disk(s) that contain fragments of deleted files with the random data to avoid any possibility of recovery. It uses several security algorithms (DoD 5220.22, Gutmann you can replace deleted data with random characters, digits, spaces e.t.c.). While writing Prevent Recovery fills out information to the end of each cluster, leaving no chance to restore even just one word!

Is there any chance to recover data that was overwritten?
Here is an answer from world knowledge base WikiPedia: Since 1996 .there no practical evidence that overwritten data can be recovered. Moreover, there are good reasons to think that it cannot. Prevent Recovery makes unrecoverable temporary files, cached files, logs e.t.c. which were also previously deleted.

Why this program should overwrite all free disk space?
While working Prevent Recovery takes all free disk space, but when finished free space will be returned to previous condition. Do not worry about that. Its made to make sure that all possible free space was overwritten. The main reason why it should be done this way is that Windows write files to any place on the hard disk  to the end of free space, to the beginning, in the middle. And the result is that deleted files located everywhere! That why its important to fill out all free disk space.

Will it work with removable storage?
Yes, Prevent Recovery can wipe deleted files on any disk like usb flash disk, memory stick or any other sort of removable disk (media storage). However you cannot use it on CD (CDR, DVD) - such disks should be physically burn to avoid any possibility of recovery.

Clears Windows paging file (virtual memory cache)
Some programs can store unencrypted (as text) passwords or other sensitive information in computer's memory. Because of the Windows virtual memory structure, this information can be located in the paging file. Prevent Recovery will wipe contents of this system file to protect your privacy.

Maximum speed
Because your hard disk free space can be over hundred Gigs, complete anti-recovery process can take a while. For example, up to one hour or even more on a large disk free space. Its normal. You can leave Prevent Recovery working and it will turn off computer when done. There is also built-in option to prevent computer from StandBy mode to make sure all operations will be fully complete.

Whats New in version 6.61:
Updated security certificate to provide maximum security.

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Demikian software saya tentang Prevent Recovery 6.61 Multilingual Software , semoga bermanfaat buat anda dan dapat mengatasi masalah file anda yang telah hilang atau terhapus.

Prevent Recovery 6.61 Multilingual Software

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